Also: a new video + ALICIA Spring 22
Rema Ghuloum, Davina Semo, Lauren Strom-Berg

February 2023

and a song

January 2023

An interview with Lolo y Sosaku and a new print for sale

December 2022

Plus: new song and new paintings

November 2022

Tantra, Shingon Buddhism, Disco and Pop Music
“It’s about the freedom of imagining and it’s about everything which cannot be killed by contemporary society”
Plus: Dean Blunt and Sidsel Meineche Hansen

October 2022

Terence Koh & Keegan McHargue
(from the archives)

September 2022

Also: Alicia and Christine Tohme

August 2022

Also: Eckhaus Latta, Deniz Gul & Nour Mobarak